We had an amazing honeymoon, which we think should be published in Lonely Planet.  It was a three week road trip down the west coast from Portland to the Oregon Coast to the Redwoods to San Francisco to the Hurst Castle to Magic Mountain (roller coasters!), to Huntington Beach (and the amazing Hyatt Resort), then out east to the Grand Canyon for some hiking and camping and back up north to Salt Lake City  for some skiing at Snowbird (seriously scary) and then a stop-off in Boise and finally back to our favorite city, Portland.  Absolutely loved it!

Some honeymoon photos!

From our beach house porch at the Oregon Coast
Flying kites on the beach
At the Redwoods on our way to San Fran
Made it to San Francisco
Really enjoying San Fran


Hurst Castle
our beautiful view at Huntington Beach
Phil chowing down at In n Out
Grand Canyon – we hiked that squiggly trail below
At the bottom of the Big Canyon
Phil getting ready to jump – ah!
Still smiling after that Long hike up (somehow)
Then we hit the slopes at Snowbird, UT
Beautiful blue sky, gorgeous mountains, super clean air
Mel loves Phil so much! (He planned the entire honeymoon.)
Multnomah Falls
Picture perfect
Mt Hood – welcoming us back again

Our wedding announcement


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