Welcome back (via the iPod touch)

Electricity here is an enormous blessing. We both lived without it in the near past so we are very grateful.

However, we had a fun ‘welcome back to Nairobi’ experience with our electricity this week. We recently woke up to the sound of loud *booms* in the middle of the night. It was seriously a dark and stormy night, so in my paranoid state, I thought someone was trying to break in. They weren’t.

Phil casually walked in the living room to check things out and he arrived to our cable box smoking and our lights on mega bright. Apparently the electric company let way too much power through the circuits of our building. Anything that was plugged in started blowing up. Aiy!

After unplugging everything, we made it through the night without any fires. And fortunately we only lost a few things to the power surge. Mysteriously, that smoking cable box still works?

However, one of the things that blew was our Mac power cord so now I’m forced to communicate via this iPod touch. Who knew an ipod could connect to the internet? Love it!

Just a little intro into the fun of living in Nairobi. We really are incredibly blessed to have such a nice home here. More later…


One thought on “Welcome back (via the iPod touch)

  1. In Moz, we plugged everything in to “regulators” because the power fluctuated so much from not enough to power a light bulb to exploding stuff with too much power. Fun times. Glad your iPod connects to the internet. Technology is amazing.

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