Another week in Nairobi

just hanging out in a crazy place

We feel like this most days.  Where are we again?  We have been enjoying Nairobi but it is often weird to think that we are in Africa.  Especially when we walk into the grocery store and can buy almost anything we’re craving.  We have decided that it is best to just thank God for our many blessings right now and not hold on to the comforts too tightly.

But then there was the Kenyan wedding we went to this week with more than 500 people.  And the lack of electricity almost all day yesterday.  And the $1 bundle of roses I will buy before I go home today.  And the schedule no one can ever seem to keep.  The chai tea with our landlords, while watching beloved “African Magic”.  And the barefoot men pulling rickshaws down the same street where we drive our cozy cars.  I guess this is Africa after all…

Nairobi is an interesting city, to say the least.  We love starting our marriage here.

Phil and I are doing great.  He and his team are preparing for an upcoming Ministry Conference this month, which should be refreshing.  And I am with the ladies at Amani Ya Juu everyday, enjoying them, and working on ways to market Amani more broadly so that the women can continue to earn a sustainable income for themselves and their children.

We also decided to get some plants this week to perk up our balcony.  Everyone asks us about children, so this is our excuse not to have any yet … plants first, dog second, then if those are all still alive in a few years, maybe…  (I think that’s from Love Actually?)

We are working on some Kenya photos for you soon.  And maybe even some Sudan photos in the coming week!

Know that we’re missing you…

phil and mel


5 thoughts on “Another week in Nairobi

  1. It is an odd/special reality in Africa and I can’t help but wish we could hop over and visit. In Moz, we were amazed that you could buy Corn Chex in the grocery store, charcoal on the street outside, find a housekeeper for $30 a month, and everyone was always, always late. Those were good times. 🙂

    Glad to hear all is well. But just my two cents, house plants are much harder to manage. I can’t seem to keep mine alive yet my children are thriving and we’ve never had a dog. I vote for babies!

  2. On one hand, I totally understand that you want to start out small and make your way up… on the other hand, you’ve have practice with Moses and with Youth Camp and with other children in your life. I guess in the end it’s really up to God for the timing of children. Prepare how you can and put your trust in the Lord. He knows what is best, for sure!

  3. Since you brought it up…………. It’s nice to know babies are in the conversation. I’m ready whenever you are. Miss you bunches. BIG HUGS

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