Refreshed in Sudan

Neighbor in Sudan

Usually we say that we need to leave the field to get refreshed, but this week was different.

Phil flew into South Sudan this week to connect with his team.   He was anxious to talk with his guys face-to-face and better feel their situation on-the-ground.  It is difficult to understand what they are going through when you are not there with them.  So he hopped on the “rotation” flight which would take him around to most of their bases in only two days.  He stayed up late meeting with as many staff as he could, and he got a fair night’s sleep in his friend’s tukol awakened by the beloved roosters at a crazy hour.

Though everything within him should have been exhausted, he was refreshed.  He was passionate and so grateful for his team and the work that they are doing.

God is using Phil’s team in South Sudan to bring physical and spiritual hope to the communities in which they serve.  Physically, they are providing medical care to the sick, and training community members to become medical staff so that they can care for each other after SP leaves.   They are building new health clinics in under served areas where families have been walking hours to receive basic medical care.  And they are drilling wells for communities that need clean water.

Spiritually, all of these initiatives are being lead by Christian men and women who have a heart to share Christ.  Phil’s team is compassionate – they truly want Christ’s love to be poured out in their communities.  One way they share Christ is through relationship building with their neighbors.  Another way is through building churches that will act as instruments of encouragement, learning and love.  Phil’s team has also invested in a local Bible College which is training up the future generation of church leaders in South Sudan.  This is simply a generous taste of the work that Phil and his team are doing in South Sudan.   We will try to tell you about more of it in the future – God is really doing something amazing.

Please continue to pray for Phil and his team – particularly much as they approach their ministry conference this month.  May it be refreshing as well.


3 thoughts on “Refreshed in Sudan

  1. Thanks for keeping us updated! Is there any news about the kidnapped personnel? (the last I heard 2 were released but one was still held)

    • Unfortunately, we have no new updates on our teammate in Darfur, other than we know there are many working hard to help her. She is still being held by her captors. Please persist in prayer. Thanks for asking and praying.

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