We’ve been having some fun planting lately.  First, Phil brought back a perfect little herb garden from Amsterdam (on his way back from the States.)   It was so sweet of him!  The seeds grew in record time – they sprouted in just a few days.  I think they love Kenya.

Our flourishing herb garden

Then, because our herb garden was so much fun – we started collecting bigger plants for our balcony.  This weekend, we got a new bamboo plant, a nice “tree” plant and pots for other big leafy plants we had laying around from our shopping last weekend.  All in all, I think we spent about $10 on this fun balcony.  Benefits of living in Nairobi.  And we’ve had a lot of fun getting our hands in the dirt.  Plus, I think Phil got a little exercise moving all these heavy plants around to just the right places.  They were seriously heavy.  So thankful for my strong man!

Phil lifting our 100 lb bamboo plant

Here’s a little glimpse of our lively balcony these days.  We’re Loving all this green.  All we need are a few flowers to make it complete…

The Green balcony

A quick and lovely story about the color green, while we’re on the topic….

At Amani, we were talking about colors and what they mean to us.  Someone asked the ladies to share what a specific color meant to them.  Within moments one lady raised her hand and spoke in her language, “The color Green is meaningful to me because the environment looks good and healthy when it is green –  and during devotions, I feel like I am being sprinkled with water, and God is making me Green too.”



4 thoughts on “Green

  1. Oh goody! Now I have another Melanie association: I absolutely love my herb garden, and herbs are the only thing I’ve been able to grow consistently the last few years. I will enjoy the thought of the Lord’s blessing on my herbs and His Spirit in my heart making ME green, too!

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