These sewing hands are Praying hands

We often pray together in Kiswahili at Amani.  I love when it is translated and I can hear the lovely expressions of my friends.  Today, when we were praying there was no translation but, I recognized one word.  It was “asante”  or “thank you”.  We were praying for sick children and parents, drunken neighbors, safety at home, school fees, and many matters of injustice.  We didn’t talk about a lot of praises, yet I continued to hear Asante at what sounded like the beginning of each phrase.

My sisters where thanking God in the midst of their struggles.  They were thanking Him profusely, abundantly – with joy in their hearts.  It almost sounded as if they couldn’t stop.  I understood very little.  But one thing was unmistakable.  We were praising and thanking Jesus together.  Their lives are hard, my friends.  But they are grateful for the ultimate salvation they receive through Jesus Christ our Lord – for His faithfulness – for all that is His character.  I love these women.  They remind me to say “thank you, Lord” – everyday, and in every circumstance.

Asante, Jesus.


4 thoughts on “Asante

  1. What a great thing! It is always so inspiring to hear thankful hearts. In my easy American life, I am in awe that those who have so little are overwhelmed with thankfulness. Beautiful.

  2. Thank you, Mel. You know what I really enjoy about your blog? I love the way you are genuinely interested in other people’s lives. I think that is so crucial to being in ministry. You have to love the people you are serving. It’s so clear to me that your heart swells with love for the women you are working alongside with. Thank you for laying down your life for the sake of caring for someone else.

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