World Cup news

Rough weekend for the USA

We are suffering, for sure.  The USA came up short with a 2-1 loss to Ghana in the World Cup match on Saturday.  No one can deny that it was a hard fought match.  Our heads can be held a little higher than our British counterparts (who lost to Germany 4-1, by the way.)  However, we are receiving serious harassment.  Our egos are bruised.  And our furniture barely survived the beating it received from Jeff.

We will soon recover, and maybe even support Ghana is their upcoming match versus Uruguay.   But we’re not sure if our “love” for Africa can extend that far yet.

It’s been fun watching the World Cup matches over here.  EVERYONE is watching them, so it gives us loads to talk and laugh about – especially with our Kenyan brothers and sisters.   We would love to hear what you think as well, if you are watching and reading – who do you favor?

Go Ghana?


3 thoughts on “World Cup news

  1. There’s a small but strong soccer fan base here in Philly, some of us have watched up to 50% of ALL the games, not just the US games.
    I was bummed that we lost 😦

  2. It was all over Facebook and I had no idea what anyone was talking about. I had to google it to see if they were talking about golf or baseball or what. Different world over here in the sticks. You want to talk hay prices, we are all over that!

  3. Of course I was rooting for the US! But, to be honest, I haven’t watched a single game. It’s not that I’m not interested in it, but it’s just not important enough to me. I’m glad to hear that it created some conversation between you and the people around you. That is really sweet!

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