Enjoying east Africa

beloved east africa

We are long overdue for an update.  Here is the short of it.  We are enjoying beloved east Africa.

Last week, Phil and I traveled into Sudan together.  It was a trip we had talked about for years.  We spent the night at Phil’s former home in the Nuba mountains.  It was absolutely lovely – especially for South Sudan.  Cosmos in flower boxes in front of the office, walk ways lined with stone, a sand volleyball court, and a clean shower.  Oh la la…  We played volleyball most of the evening and then enjoyed a goat bbq with the team.  Then we went to sleep in our tent to catch the flight back to Nairobi at first light.

When Phil lived in Kauda we would chat on Skype – wishing that I could come and join him.  When he built the volleyball court, my feet got super itchy to get over there and play with him.  We have been anxious all this time and sometimes the build-up can lead to a let-down.  But we would say that the 3 years of waiting made it all the more sweet.  Sort of like our marriage.  😉

While we were away, Kenya had their referendum vote for a new constitution.  I joked with everyone saying that I was fleeing to South Sudan for refuge because people were nervous that there would be problems after the election.  Praise the Lord, the election and announcement went peacefully for Kenya.  They now have a new constitution and it seems that the masses are quite satisfied.  They also have renewed hope that their presidential election in 2012 will be peaceful.

Otherwise, Phil and I continue to be spoiled by life in Nairobi.  We have a nice international church that we’ve been attending, and a lot of wonderful friends that we’ve made.  God has been all too good to us.  We are grateful.


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