Into the wild blue yonder…

Well it is official, Mel and I are headed to Albania to both work with World Vision!

This is probably somewhat of a surprise to you but honestly it is a surprise to us as well.  Mel and I have been thinking and praying about this for the past several months and definitely feel the Lords hand in taking us this direction.

It will be very difficult for both of us to leave East Africa and I think part of our hearts will always be here but it is time for a new season and we look forward to how God will use us in Albania.  Neither Mel nor I have ever been to this part of the world and we are looking forward to the challenge of a new place, new people group, and new program.  Mel and I both worked for World Vision several years ago but never in a country office so we will have a lots to learn.

We will leave Kenya at the end of September, spending a few weeks in the states before heading out again.  Your prayers are appreciated as we start this transition.

So where is Albania and what is it like…well here is a bit of info for you:

World Vision Albania:

BBC Profile:



4 thoughts on “Into the wild blue yonder…

  1. Wow! What a great opportunity. I look forward to hearing more about it. We have some friends working with YWAM in Romania–you’ll have to pop in and say hello sometime 🙂

  2. I’m happy for you, but please, please, please tell me someone GOOD will replace Mel at Amani ya Juu! She really added a lot to the communication we here in the States receive about Amani’s ministry. Any ideas for how I can communicate with Elizabeth after you leave?

    Blessings to you two! I’ll enjoy following you in Albania!

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