Mount Longonot

Mt Longonot, Kenya

We had grandiose plans of camping with hippos this weekend, but the non-stop rain killed those dreams.  However, we were able to get out of the city and hike Mt Longonot – a dormant volcano with a dramatic crater rim.  It was a tough hike, and when we started it was raining.  Huge African drops.  But after 10-15 minutes, God stopped the rain and treated us to beautiful hiking weather.  By the time we reached the summit, we had blue skies and puffy white clouds.  We had a nice view of Lake Naivasha and Kenya’s arid lanscape, scattered with a few lonely acacia trees.  We even think the fresh air in our lungs is enough to get us through another smoggy week in Nairobi.  (We love a lot about Nairobi, but not the pollution.)

So by the time we reached the bottom and looked up to say goodbye to Mt Longonot, it looked as if the volcano had erupted again.  The clouds were hanging far below the volcano’s rim – if we had waited even 1 hour, we would have had no view at all and may have stumbled over a few edges.

God was good to us to give us such a great hike and some fun time with our friends!

PS.  Sorry for the lack of photos…the rain scared our camera away.


One thought on “Mount Longonot

  1. Every so often, I have a thought like, “Wouldn’t it be cool to be serving in some remote corner of the world and to experience life in a different culture?” My desire to travel and be adventuresome is often satisfied through your blog. Your descriptive words augment my everyday life in Pittsburgh. They leave me content to live in the commonplace knowing that you’ll be laboring for the Gospel across the ocean. The surroundings you are most accustomed to are places I’m only familiar with in my daydreams. Thanks for giving me opportunities to live such an interesting vicarious life! I’m thrilled to be hiking around volcanic land through the lense of your camera and your vivid descriptions.

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