Aberdares: Solio Ranch

Phil and I had a fantastic weekend at the Aberdares.  Friday was a Kenyan holiday, celebrating their new constitution, so we were able to enjoy a three day weekend.

The Aberdares are only 2 hours north of Nairobi, so we had a full day on Friday to begin exploring.  We planned on sleeping in a near-by town, Nyeri, and then venture into the national park the following day.  However, we quickly became restless in Nyeri and decided to look around for something fun to do.  I read about a black rhino reserve just 20 km north of Nyeri, so we hit the road to check out the scene.   And it was spectacular!!  We entered Solio Ranch to be greeted by a beautiful new lodge.  Nice thatch, cozy fireplaces, plants hanging from ceiling to floor, and gorgeous designer furniture overlooking a waterhole for the wildlife to come greet you.  After chatting with the new manager to discover that this place had just re-opened two weeks prior, we paid a fee to enter the ranch in hopes of seeing some endangered rhinos.  We were the only guests and therefore had the entire 17,000 acre ranch to ourselves and our Prado.  Here are a few photos to give you an idea of what we had all to ourselves.  Alot more than rhinos.  Unbelievable.

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More on Aberdare National Park tomorrow…an entirely different view.


4 thoughts on “Aberdares: Solio Ranch

  1. Wow. Just wow. I showed the pics to Benton and he nearly wept with excitement. I’ve got to get that kid to Africa someday. I’m glad you are making the most of your time there!

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