Aberdare National Park

On Saturday, Phil and I drove into Aberdare National Park for more game drives, new landscapes and a little camping.  This park was entirely different from Solio.  It was lush, green jungle.  Some call it rain forest, which we certainly experienced.  There was at least a mist from the moment we arrived.  Sometimes it rained, other times there was fog.  The pictures depict it well.  Again, we were nearly the only people in the park.  And we were blessed with incredible experiences with the animals.

One of our favorite moments of the weekend was the surprise of an elephant running across the road in front of us.  We were a bit stunned and then found him again in the brush.  He was only 20 feet away.  Unfortunately, he didn’t like us very much.  As we were trying to just sit and watch him, his ears were opening wide.  A moment later, he even trumpeted us.  We stayed a few more minutes to call his bluff.  It was a bluff.  But Phil’s foot was firmly fixed to the gas – just in case.

As you can see in our photos, the Aberdares don’t have the savannas of the Mara.   Instead you drive through a thick forest in anticipation of what is going to jump out of the brush in front of your vehicle.  We had plenty of action.  Here are a few photos of what we saw and a glimpse of our wonderful rainy day.

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4 thoughts on “Aberdare National Park

  1. Amazing! I’ve had a similar experience with an elephant when on safari at Krueger National Park. We were driving along and an elephant was coming straight at us on the road, ears flapping and trumpeting! My brother hit it into reverse and luckily the elephant decided to let us be. We saw photos of what happens when they don’t change their mind, and it’s not pretty! I’m so happy you get to experience some of this great beauty together. 🙂 Great memories!

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