On their way …

We packed our box for Tirana – inclusive of all the necessities.  Twinkle lights, Pappy’s seasoning, smoothie-maker, and our wooden elephant.  All the things we cannot live without.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to score the Airmail offer in the photo above.  It is about $20/kg to ship to Tirana from Nairobi these days.  Hence why we’re only sending one box.  But also because our lifestyles lend themselves to few purchases and a lot of borrowing.  We like it this way.  Most days – minus our landlord’s curtain preference.

As our box travels to Tirana, Phil will be traveling into Sudan to say farewell to his team.  He has been serving in Sudan for more than 3 years, and in the process has given his heart to the nation and to his fellow servants.  It will not be an easy goodbye.  Despite the clear direction God has given us, it remains difficult to leave.  We remind ourselves everyday that this is God, and not us. God reminds us everyday as well.

Please be in prayer for our box full of “home” as it flies to Tirana, and moreso for Phil as he travels into Sudan one last time as Country Director.


3 thoughts on “On their way …

  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in these last events there. Strangely, it is kind of hard for us too…..thinking of you being gone from there. But…..on to the next season and the wonderful things God has in store for each of you and as a couple.
    Much love,
    Buz & Linda

  2. Ah, what are you going to do?You say goodbye to your beloved Africa?
    Oh, Albanië, that’s realy a new beginning/new part of life!!We are almost neighbours 🙂
    Wish you a good fresh blessed start and be inspired by this scripture: Proverbs 14:31
    Where ever they live………………Lovely greets from the Netherlands, Willemien de Vree and family

  3. Dear Mel and Phil,
    Your website is such a blessing to be able to see your experiences and you photos. Our life style here in our country is such a contrast to other foriegn countries. We live such a sheltered life. Today We filled a box for homeless teens here on our Kenai Peninsula ,but I’m sure it is nothing compared to what you see. We are proud of what you are accomplishing there.
    Merry Christmas
    and GOD Bless You
    Sylvia and Gary

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