Having a great time

in Seattle

Still at “home” and absolutely loving it!

Some highlights include Christmas in October (thanks Moms!), date night at Yo Yo Ma’s concert in the Burg, icing cookies while watching the Sound of Music, making 15 dozen pitzelles for the wedding, meeting Camden Smithco, playing at the pumpkin patch with the Scherf kids, Steelers football, Pike’s Market, lots and lots of Starbucks, bike rides in Idaho, quality time at the Behren’s, the beach with “Via” and ice cream in the back of a bike rickshaw in Savannah…

Those are just  a few of our wonderful memories – more to follow soon.  We’re still in the States, and are anxious to go to Ben and Courtney’s wedding on Saturday!

We leave for Albania on Sunday, and it hardly seems real. Thank you all for your many prayers and for the time you have blessed us with during our visit.  We appreciate you so much.


4 thoughts on “Having a great time

  1. We’re so blessed to be part of your short break!
    We’ll be praying as you head out Sunday and will be anxious to hear all about your new challenges and living quarters. (when you have a chance to take a quick breath)
    Much love,
    Buz & Linda

  2. We will be praying for you today as you leave and embark on your new Ministry and all the adventures that the future holds. Love you guys!!
    Uncle Ken and Aunt Peggy

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