oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

They said it couldn’t be done.  But they were wrong.  We found ourselves a real, live Christmas tree in Tirana!  We started off with a fake tree, just in case.  The theory being – better a fake tree than no tree at all.  But we were determined that it was just temporary.  We talked to our guy who sells us plants out of his truck.  He doesn’t speak any English, but somehow he understood exactly what we wanted and brought us this tree.  The price was spendy, but it’s still in the pot, so the plan is to keep it alive until next year.

Here are a few photos of our Christmas tree and a couple other things we’ve been enjoying.  Happy Christmas season!

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8 thoughts on “oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

  1. Wow!!!! You have the place fixed up so festive. I just love your REAL tree and if you can keep your tree alive for one year then the dog will comes next. RIGHT!!!! Thanks for sharing your christmas with us. It warms our heart. You both look wonderful. BIGGEST HUGS.

    • Your tree looks great!! a lot beter than the one you got when you were living in our little apt. #27. Remember that?? Your home is so nice and festive.
      We’ll miss you guys at the beach this year!! Love You!!

  2. Merry Christmas!! you will be with us in spirit this year. Thanks for the pics and keeping us up to date on your lives. Sending Love and prayers:)

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