our Albanian Christmas

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This year was a very special Christmas for us for a couple reasons.  It is our first Christmas married to each other and our first Christmas in Albania.  It was made especially wonderful for us by some good friends, Gerta, Tim, Isaiah, Erisa, Ina and their Mom, Dad and Grandma.  They had us over to their home for Christmas Eve to celebrate with their family.  As the pictures show, we girls got all dressed up in traditional Indian saris to help Tim feel closer to his Napali roots and then we had an absolute feast.  4 kinds of meat were served to us including 3 different salads, stuffing, and 3 different desserts.  It was all so delicious!  We also toasted with Gerta’s Dad to all of our families while drinking his homemade Albanian wine.  A fantastic Albanian tradition!  And then we sat around the fireplace together to open gifts … most of which were for sweet little Isaiah … he was too cute.  Phil and I were even surprised by our friends with a few for ourselves.  They were all too kind to us.  We left feeling very cared for and very grateful for this wonderful family.

Then Christmas day, we headed off to Greece … stay tuned for pictures and stories!

Know that we love you and were missing you all this Christmas season.


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