Trip to Greece

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Do you ever think to yourself, “is this really my life?”  We do.  Especially when we find ourselves in places like Albania and Greece for the holidays.  We are constantly wondering, “why us?” And then we stop thinking about it so much and just enjoy it.

This year God brought us to Albania for reasons still unknown.  We didn’t really feel like we needed a break in December, but since it we didn’t want to sit around and sulk about missing our families for days on end, we decided to go on a little adventure.  We booked a hostel and hopped on a bus that 15 hours later arrived in Athens. 

A few highlights include:

  • Our beloved Albanian friends screaming at the top of their lungs at each other on the bus at 5am.  We still don’t know why, but they seemed fine with it. 
  • That very first glimpse of the Parthenon!  Phil saw it first and I was so jealous. 
  • Finding the highest point we could and taking the first photo above.  We were in heaven.
  • Walking around the Plaka at night with glowing views of the Parthenon, live music, and twinkle lights draped from every window and tree imaginable. 
  • Greek cookies.  All of which were saturated in honey or powdered sugar and were free at every restaurant and hotel. 
  • Getting into the mountains (Mount Parnossos) at Delphi – the fresh air – the dramatic views – the really old rocks.
  • Taking a ferry to Aegina island and dipping our feet into the freezing cool, crystal clear waters.  Eating their famous pistacios and realizing we had never had a “good” one before.  (Sort of like an African pineapple experience…)
  • Watching fireworks exploding next to the Acropolis from our hotel room while sipping on our complimentary bottle of champagne and singing that New Years Eve song … many thanks to frequent flier miles.
  • And of course spending more than half our food budget on Starbucks every day we were in Athens … we have to embrace our American roots sometimes… 

Alright, I’m sure that we’ve about maxed out your time for now.  Thanks for reading. 

And a sidenote for our families:  we still sulked about missing you.  😉


5 thoughts on “Trip to Greece

  1. The photos are marvelous. The colors, the architecture. It’s safe to say I’m jealous 😉 Your smiling faces make me smile too. Our God is abundantly good. Happy New Year!!!

  2. Ditto on the ones above. 🙂 Your photos are fantastic and just seeing where you were and some of your activities is so special.
    We missed you…. loved that you were taken care of Christmas Eve…. and together enjoying new country on vacation.
    Much love,
    Linda & Buz

  3. what an awsome trip guys god is good mom and I really enjoyed the pics and were so glad you guys could enjoy athens.we already are getting excited to travel to see you and enjoy your stories and sites that sounds sooo cool.missing you take care love you guys talk later.

  4. Awesome! GOD IS GOOD. We are so glad to see you had a wonderful time in Athens. We can’t wait to have the opportunity to visit. Thanks so much for the trip to Greece. Just so you know we SULKED not having you here with us. Missing you.
    Dad and Mom

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