Cool Project

14-year-old Adem shows a drawing with a dove symbolizing peace. There is a lot of peace in my heart and I want to share it with all the children in the world regardless of their ethnicity,” he says. Photo by Kristela Kajana

Here is an interesting project that we get the priviledge to work on:


One thought on “Cool Project

  1. Hi,
    I just looked at your link via an inlaws suggestion and was glad to see your ‘cool project’
    Myself and a team from all over the US went to Kosovo right after the war and rebuilt a town called Suvi Do (sp?). It was a great experience but saw lots of despair and long term hatred as we visited some of the ‘ killing fields’ and heard some of the attrocities that went on there. I do hope the younger generation can learn forgiveness and find hope and peace. If your ever in the area 10 or so miles (its been a long time) south of Pristina ask around for the town and say hello to Ali and his father Kaplan.
    God Bless

    Dan Thomas

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