Tirana approaching dusk

Today we woke up to blue skies, the sun shining and 60 degree weather.  Absolutely gorgeous.  We lazed around, enjoyed barked pretzels with our Starbucks coffee and then took a walk.  We went to the local farmers market just around the corner to buy fresh veggies, eggs, and goat cheese.  Then we drank cappuccinos at an outdoor cafe at the end of the block while we chit chatted about living life overseas.  We wished our families and friends could be here to enjoy it with us, so we decided we should either be able to beem them here StarWars style (phil) or I-dream-a-Genie style (mel.)  We went home and made french toast for lunch which we ate with the sweetest strawberries ever.  And just a few moments ago, we looked out the window to realize Tirana was absolutely glowing and took the above photo.  Just a little glimpse into our Sunday life.  God has been all too generous to us.

“Praise the Lord, oh my Soul.  All my inmost being praise His holy name!”  Psalm 103


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