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Thank you so much to all of your who have been praying for Albania.  Yesterday, there was a very peaceful demonstration.  It was a memorial service for the 3 men who had died in the violence of the week prior.  They displayed larger than life sized photos of each man with messages asking for Justice.  Tens of thousands of people walked by the memorials, wearing ribbons and laying flowers to show their respect and love for the men and their families.  It was a dramatic event that made your heart ache for those that lost their loved ones.

Today we are praising God for peace in this nation.  We continue to pray that it will remain peaceful.  Everyone is very hopeful and quite confident that it will.

Tonight we are off to worship with our church family at Jesus’ Disciples Church.  Our head pastor, Vahn, is an American who has been serving in Albania for nearly 20 years.  He speaks Albania impeccably, and considers this nation his home.  Phil and I admire his commitment and heart for this Albania.  We feel very blessed to be part of the church he leads.  We are beginning to develop a few relationships there.  Please pray that God would help us to develop a few close friendships.

Sending our Love to you!  May you feel the peace of Christ in your hearts today.


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