a day at the Beach

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70 degrees and sunny.  What a great Superbowl Sunday !  We took a short bus ride to the beach this afternoon to catch some sun in Durres.  It was about 20 miles outside of Tirana, and well worth the $1.20.  After sitting down at a restaurant along the sand we realized it was called Bitzburger’s … of course I like to think it is called Blitzburgh. We ate some pizza, took a nice long walk, and enjoyed watching some kids throw big rocks into the water.  Good trip !

Now we’re back in Tirana, getting ready to take naps so that we’ll be ready for the big game that starts at midnight thirty our time.  (Literally.) Let’s go Steelers !!  They better make this sleep deprivation worth it….


4 thoughts on “a day at the Beach

  1. Thank you for keeping us updated with your lives. I didn’t realize how far behind I was. I often read the notes that come to my email and miss all the gorgeous pictures, so I am glad I came by your place today. What a delightful day you’ve had. The game is just starting as I’m here ‘visiting’ with you, so best wishes for your team- you just got your 1st 1st down:)

  2. It’s great to see Phil in a Steelers shirt. Sorry about your sleep deprivation. At least it was a good game and close until the end. And I think the best team did win…no controversial calls, dirty hits, etc. We’ll just have to wait a little longer for #7. And…I MISS YOU!!!

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