We also work in Kosovo

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As you well know, Phil and I live in Albania.  However, we also work in Kosovo.  Recently Phil took these photos in Kosovo during a field visit.  We are currently working with children in Kosovo on a peace-building project.  We are also praying about establishing a more permanent presence there that would include multiple projects to address a variety of issues.  During his visit, Phil met with the Mayor of a small town and the Directors of their local health and education departments.  They talked about the biggest needs in their community – specifically regarding the impoverished Roma population. All of the meetings went well, but much wisdom and guidance is still needed.

Enjoy these beautiful photos and please keep the nation of Kosovo in your prayers.  Pray specifically that God would raise up Christian leaders, and bring peace and reconciliation to a land that is strictly divided by ethnic lines (Serbs and Albanians.)  Pray also that God would give wisdom to Phil and other leaders who are making decisions.

Many thanks, sending our love from Albania…


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