Happy Birthday again??

Yesterday, I was wished Happy Birthday almost more than Phil?  At first I was telling everyone, go tell him – he’ll love to hear it from you!  Then I was told that it is Albanian tradition to tell the wife Happy Birthday for her husband.  (They were also telling Phil Happy Birthday, but I was blessed with wishes for him too.)  It was endearing after I understood. I like Albania.

It was a fun day yesterday.  We were both spoiled with lots of love.  Our friends at work surprised Phil with cake, cappucinos, singing, and gifts!  It was a great time.  Then I took him out to a fun restaurant where he could have a good steak (difficult to get here.)  It was pretty funny — we splurged at a really great restaurant and still only spent $15 — love it!  Then on our way home, we stopped at our favorite pastry shop and I bought Phil these melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffles he loves.  But the woman didn’t have change for us, so she wanted to give them to us for free!  She didn’t even know it was Phil’s birthday – this is just normal here.  Well we felt too bad and couldn’t take them for free so I ran to the local pizza shop (there are about 10 on every block) and got change for my two dollars (200 leke).  I bought two more truffles so that I could spend an entire $1 (100 leke) and not need change.  Oh beloved Albania…such fun memories.

Thanks to everyone who also made his birthday special with sweet messages and packages.  You all made his day!


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