One of our mountain top experiences

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Phil and I were incredibly blessed by our friend Jennifer and her family Henrik, Tobias, and Amelie.  We stayed with them in their home in France during the week we were working in Geneva.  Jennifer completely spoiled us, such hospitality !  She showed us around her town, Divon, as well as Geneva, and then topped it off by taking us skiing in the Alps.  She treated us to fondue, provencale mussels, chicken cordon bleu and an amazing prawn curry – all of which they prepared at home.  Though this was a work trip, Phil and I felt like we were really able to step away from Albania for a little while and give our minds rest.  We took walks around the neighborhood, enjoyed their family life, and took in all the fresh air we possibly could.

God was good to give us this little holiday.  His grace and generousity do abound.  We are grateful for our friends, for crazy beautiful alps, for cheese, wine, and chocolate, for opportunities to help the children of Albania, and for those moments of wonder that you experience upon the mountain tops of life.  Ah … God is good !


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