More of our Team

A couple weeks ago, I (Mel) had a little getaway with my team in a beautiful place called Pogradec.  We stayed in a cute hotel overlooking the lake and mountains.  It was a really wonderful time of getting to know my friends and colleagues a bit better.   We ate some traditional food (5 courses: greek salad, fish soup, spaghetti, meat and potatoes, then tres leches dessert), devotions on the lake, learning about one another’s work, and of course a few games of catch phrase and mimo (the mime game.)  Here are a few photos.  Enjoy !

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We realize we have been out-of-touch for a little while, so we are trying to catch you up.  There have been some hard days for our team lately, as we lost 2 colleagues in a car accident just after this team building activity.  Please be in prayer for our team.


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