Back to Beirut

A good friend of mine made a great comment in her recent email, “in the midst of all this travel…do you ever work” ?  We do, somehow.  And part of it was a trip to Lebanon last week.  Ridiculous, we know.  We love our jobs.

We went to learn about World Vision’s work in another context so that we could strengthen our Albanian programs.  I was on an advocacy mission and Phil was on an operations one.  We overlapped together for 3 days, the first of which was a Sunday so we had time to explore.

We were in Beirut together 4 years ago, so we had a lot of memories to enjoy.  We met up with old friends, Henry, Janet, and their family.  Stayed at ABTS.  Enjoyed Pigeon Rock and the Corniche and we even found ourselves on a movie set on the seaside !  Our very first meal was breakfast and we ordered foul, hommos, and flat lebanese bread … not breakfast foods at all (Phil just corrected me — they actually are), but we were craving them so we could NOT resist.  For lunch, we found a chic sushi bar in an upscale supermarket downtown.  It reminded us of a Whole Foods.  Crazy to find these things in Beirut.  So we ate some sushi and bought some cheddar cheese and flat bread for breakfast.  Two things that we can’t get in Albania and that we absolutely love.  As you can tell from all the details I’m giving, we had a terrific time!   This was only one day.  And trust me, I could go on.  But I know you come here mostly for my husband’s great photos, so here you go.  Enjoy!

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God has been all too gracious to give us adventures like this.  We are grateful.


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