Kruja with Fiona

On Saturday, we and our Australian friend Fiona went on a fun adventure to a nearby castle named Kruja.  We found a furgon (aka. matatu or public mini van) that would take us 32 km, directly to the village for 200 leke ($2) a piece.  Quite the steal, and an absolutely beautiful drive up the mountain.  On our way we stopped for some byrek, and for lunch we enjoyed some stone-fired pizzas and greek salads.  We explored the touristy markets with some traditional Albanian rugs, cloths, and antiques.  And we climbed around the 600-700 AD ruins of the ancient castle.  Spring is in full bloom here in Albania, so the poppies, and yellow and white-daisy-looking flowers were scattered throughout the grass.  The weather is a perfect 70-some degrees these days, which makes for perfect explorations.    Here are some photos of our fun day with Fiona !  She was a fantastic travel-buddy.  If you’re reading this…we hope to have you here again soon.  Next time, maybe Berat!

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