Prayer for our friends

Phil and I made a couple new friends here, through our church, Greg and Marcela.  They are part of a group of missionaries who are reaching out to the Roma in Albania – building relationships with them in order to share Christ.  There are 15,000 Roma in a neighborhood just outside of Tirana, and as far as we know only 5 are Christians.  Most of them are living in extreme poverty.

Please pray for our friends Greg and Marcella and their missionary team.  Please pray that God would communicate Christ’s great love to the Roma through them.  Pray that our Lord would give them wisdom as they continue to plan a church plant.  Pray that God would care for their family –  keeping them encouraged and their eyes fixed on Christ.  Pray that many would fall in love with Jesus and be saved.

Here’s a link to their blog, so that you can get to know them better:

Many thanks for your prayers and care.  Sending our love from Albania…


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