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Oh the neglect, we are sorry.  Where do these days go, right?

For those of you not on facebook, we would like to introduce you to cherry season in Albania.  It has been a beautiful feast of all things cherry in our home lately.  Cherry pie especially.  Oh my goodness, these cherries are to die for.  Sweet, plump, and cheap.  They are selling for about  60 cents a pound (130 leke/kilo.)  Unbelievable.  You should come and enjoy some with us.  ; )

Other than pitting cherries, Phil and I have been exploring a little more of Albania these days.  We went to a place called Petrela Castle yesterday (photos to come later) and climbed on some 4th and 16th century ruins.  There are loads of castles around this country.  They are all set atop the mountains, and we are told that they used to burn fires at Petrela to alert the other castles within sight of invaders.  Today Petrela is mostly destroyed but the two small buildings that remain have been made into coffee shops.  All too perfect for Albania.  We literally have about 100 coffee shops every square mile in Tirana.

We also just moved offices to another part of town.  Please be in prayer for our team as these next few days and weeks are going to be a bit difficult.  It is always hard to transition to a new space.  I even found myself a little grumpy yesterday and we move all the time. But I must say … the view at our new office is beautiful.  We peer out our windows to lovely Mount Dijhti.  We all love it.

A great surprise … a good friend from Sudan, Jeff, is arriving today to spend some time with Phil and me.   We can’t wait to see him!

That’s all for now.  Thank you for your many prayers and care for us.  Know that we miss you all dearly.


3 thoughts on “cherries

  1. Is Jeffrey coming to visit you or to enjoy cherry season? He always enjoyed all the various summer fruit seasons. I was at the pick-your-own strawberry farm again yesterday. Enjoy your visit! —Kim (Jeffrey’s mom)

  2. Ok so I totally missed all the cherries and only focused on Phil wearing that STEELER T shirt. I would be more excited except I know Phil all to well and no he just wears whatever is laying around. A moral victory I suppose.

    Mel, nice work on the pie and thanks for sharing!!!
    Miss you guys

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