A day at the beach…

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After a lazy morning including our Saturday morning breakfast tradition at Stephen Center, we decided to go on a beach-finding adventure.  The Adriatic Sea is only 30 minutes away, but it is also very polluted at that point (Durres), so we decided to keep on driving …  We were determined to find something clean and fresh and off the beaten path.  About 20 more minutes down the road, we saw a sign for “General’s beach (plaxh)”.  Phil remembered someone telling him it was nice down there, so we turned and this is what we found…  The road turned into a dirt.  The hills turned into cliffs.  And the sea emerged from the corn fields.  It was stunning!  To top it off, once we found the beach we were greeted by some real tides and waves, which is rare here.  We went swimming and read our books and took a few walks along the beach before heading home and picking up some hitch hikers along the way (a couple extremely exhausted ladies and an old man…poor things were walking in 100 F weather.)

We are still constantly amazed at the beauty in Albania – we love exploring it.  This land has truly been blessed by God. Please pray that God would be glorified here – amidst His beautiful creation.  Pray that Phil and I would be completely surrendered to Him as we serve in this beautiful country.  Thanks – we love you – we miss you – come visit us!


4 thoughts on “A day at the beach…

  1. Your pictures are amazing and it sounds like you both are having the time of your lives together! Much happiness to both of you.

  2. Hoping this finds you guys well, and filled with his grace. Really miss ya!! Think of you every day! Blessings! Bret

  3. Hey Mel and Phil,
    You have been to so many beautiful places and seen the Lords presence through his beautiful creation. It must be hard to serve such a big God and see such amazing sites…just razzing ya some…b/c I am jealous. Just writing to check in and let you know that you are missed! I always look forward to where you will go next on your adventures with God.
    Take care, I miss that smiling face Mel!
    Love ya, Be blessed
    Lisa (Redhead one)

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