Ancient Gjirokastër

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On our way home from Corfu, we stopped to visit an ancient Albanian castle in Gjirocaster.  It included WW2 artillery from Italy and Germany, and a US “training plane” from the 1960’s which landed in Tirana with mechanical problems and accused of being a spy plane.

You can barely see from my (Mel’s) photos, but the roofs of the houses in this village are made of flag stone tiles.  And the rocky roadways have carefully decorated patterns that are full of charm.

This is one of our favorite towns in the country because it proudly represents old Albania.  It is protected by UNESCO so we expect it to remain a gem. Unfortunately, most of the history and character that makes up Gjirokaster was destroyed in the rest of the country as a result of the Communist regime.

We hope you enjoy these photos of our beloved Albania!  It really is a beautiful country.


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