Nutella, goat head, coffee, and nothing

nutella jar bigger than her head

I mean who doesn’t want a jar of nutella bigger than your head, right?

Phil and I are soon to be reunited this weekend and this is the type of thinking we want to be doing.  When asked what our plans are, it makes me smile to say “nothing”.  We just want to enjoy our day and a half together without busy schedules and intellectual debates.  I want to make Phil some really delicious food that probably does not include a massive jar of nutella, but hopefully will make him as happy as some of my friends with their first jar of nutella in France.  Anyone remember Jess putting nutella on everything?

A few fun and random Albanian quotes from my week in the field…

  • “Please, I have a half goat head in the vehicle, I don’t need to eat anything else.”
  • “This liver and kidney wrapped in intestines is my favorite…please try it again.”
  • At 10:30pm … “Please, come with us to coffee?”
  • At 8:30 am, 10:30am, 1:30pm, 3:30pm … “Can we please go for coffee, Melanie?”

Life is very different here, and a lot of things are to be cherished.  Maybe not the goat head and intestines, but for instance “coffee being fellowship” and doing nothing on the weekend without being ashamed.  Doing nothing is a bit taboo in America, isn’t it.  But why is it so bad to spend time with your best friend or family without anything in particular on the agenda.  Just being together.  Reminiscing about the biggest nutella jar you’ve ever seen.  Avoiding the rush.

I am looking forward to having quality time doing nothing with Phil this weekend.  Especially before leaving on Monday for another week away.  If God has taught us one thing over the years of our relationship it is how precious our time is together. He has been so good and generous to give us more time together since we’ve been married — we pray that we continue being grateful for each day.

Thank you for your prayers as Phil travels back from Cyprus tomorrow, and we  ask for continued prayers as we prepare for more time apart when I go to Northern Albania next week.  It is only worth it for Christ’s sake, so please pray that He will use each trip for His good purposes — for His glory.


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