Kosovo: prayer for Rick and Steve

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I (Mel) was just in Kosovo for a few days working with their national advocacy coalition.  It was shockingly cool for October, -4 Celcius!  The mountains already had beautiful snow caps and we got to enjoy the warmth and charm of a beautiful fireplace.  It was a great time with a couple friends, and a meaningful time for work.  These are a few photos from the drive and the national park where we held the event.  It is so hard to imagine that this beautiful  nation ever experienced a war.

Also during this trip I met two American military men at a Thai restaurant in Prishtina.  They were Rick and Steve and they are working on the Kosovo/Serbian border in Mitrovica – a very dangerous place were there is currently conflict.  They are both married and living away from their families this year.  Please pray for protection for these brave men and for their families while they are on this mission.  Rick and Steve.  Try to remember with me.


One thought on “Kosovo: prayer for Rick and Steve

  1. What beautiful pictures. Our hearts go out to Rick and Steve in gratefulness for the sacrifice they’re making on our behalf. May they be kept safe and may they meet Jesus in Mitrovica!

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