a quick exploration of Bucharest

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the Grandeur.  H&M.  Friends. Clean(er), crisp air.  the Trolley. a Wedding. and the Joy of Exploring.

A few weeks ago, I (Mel) had the pleasure of traveling to Bucharest, Romania for work.  It was a fancy NGO forum where my organization pitched the idea of Regional (multi-country) Child Rights Advocacy Coalition.  We received an overwhelmingly positive responsive, which means that some really good things will be happening for children around here (in addition to the really good stuff that’s already happening.) And we had the opportunity to celebrate over a traditional Romanian dinner and dancing pictured above.

Aside from work, I got to explore a new city with some friends from Albania.  We had the best time wandering the streets together.  The buildings were absolutely massive, royal somehow and Communist grey, reminding you of the past.  The streets were alive with cafes, markets, and my favorite — women selling freshly baked cookies and caramels.  I splurged for sure.  As we gallivanted around Bucharest, taking photos every 30 seconds, we happened upon a beautiful, sweet wedding.  First we saw the bride and groom getting a few photos in front of a cute red door on one of those grandiose buildings, then we saw their entire family and friends entering this precious little church to celebrate with them.  Loved it !!  I actually love weddings all the more now that Phil and I had our own … they just bring back so many wonderful memories.

So after exploring the city, we had one last stop before going back to work … H&M (clothes shopping.)  And it was so much fun !  I don’t do clothes shopping in Albania because of a number of reasons that are better told in-person.  So H&M was a real treat.  We all left feeling really happy with our super cute and affordable buys … and come on, we’re girls so we just loved the experience.  😉

After H&M and a few days of Romania, I was anxious to return to my wonderful husband and home in Albania.  The cartoon in the previous post wraps up how I felt when I came home.  It’s been a long few months of travel for us.  We’re grateful for the experiences, but looking forward to more time together during the holidays ahead.


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