Sometimes our lives are normal…

I have Christmas music playing in the house.  We ate lasagna for dinner.  Phil is hanging out with some guy friends, playing cards.  I am reading the Help and sipping on Tazo tea while relaxing on a comfy couch in our cozy living room.  Looking at a drawing of Oregon on our coffee table and enjoying some cute little yellow flowers I picked up over the weekend.

It hardly feels like we live abroad some times.  Until we walk outside our apartment and are greeted in Albanian and remember, we can’t speak the language here.  Hmmm?  Even that is somehow normal now.

Perspective.  But yeah, the Christmas music in the air and wooden turkey and pumpkin on my kitchen table are definitely American normal and we love it. 


3 thoughts on “Sometimes our lives are normal…

  1. You are just too cute!! It’s nice when things feel “normal” sometimes. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Phil! I am thankful for both of you and your hearts in serving The Lord. I hope to see you sometime down the road.
    Love ya,
    Lisa (RED)

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