wintertime tirana style

A quick little update..  it’s wintertime in Tirana.  This means it’s Raining (praise the Lord because we were in a drought and water has been lacking through the city.)  It also means it’s time to get the boots out.  I (Mel) came to Albania without boots and suffered for it last year.  So this year Phil bought me a pair of  “made in Albania” boots that are cutest, most fantastic boots in the world.  Tall, brown leather with buckles at the top for detail.  Definitely part of Tirana’s wintertime style this year.  I wear them every single day and I love them every single day — just as I love my husband (awww…) but I do!

Another piece of Tirana’s wintertime style includes Tirana’s new Christmas market!  Yes, Christmas market … like those that you’ll find in Paris or Hamburg.  It’s quite a bit smaller, but the charm is here.  We’re talking mini-log cabin style booths on a pedestrian-only street, lit with medium size twinkle lights strung from one booth to another, traditional music in the air, bratwurst on the grill, and a big Christmas tree at the end of the street perfect for your family photo.  We absolutely loved it!  (Sorry we forgot our camera…)

Back to the wintertime rain… this also means umbrellas… everywhere.  We have these umbrella traffic jams on the streets where you duck and weave and sometimes just get stuck waiting for it to clear out a little before you and your umbrella can take a step further.  Since we all walk everywhere, it’s quite the umbrella scene – definitely a Tirana style wintertime trait.

So those are our Tirana-isms for now, we’ll share more when we see you in America in less than two weeks.  Yep, we’ll be “home for Christmas” and we can’t wait !


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