I love you, Gram


Aren’t they glowing?  My grandparents.  Papa and Gramma Scherf.  The two things I will always remember about them is their deep love for me and the great fun we always had together.  They took us to the dollar store and allowed us to buy ANYTHING we wanted.  They took us to the hardware store, bought wood and rope, and hung us our very own swings from the poles of their clothes line.  We swung on them for decades!  Gram always had Klondikes in the freezer and cookies in a jar. Papa always had candy tucked away in his pocket or later, in his chair.  They would slip us money when Dad wasn’t looking.  Papa would wiggle his ears and cross his eyes.  Ben and I are still trying to figure out how to do it… some of our cousins have figured it out and we’re pretty jealous.  When we sat down for dinner Gram would make pork chops, mashed potatoes, and salad with pop.  Papa would stick his tongue out at Gram when she turned around, Ben and I would laugh out loud, and Gram would yell “FRED!”  She secretly liked it. 

Somehow we didn’t notice Papa and Gramma growing old.  And somehow it’s still a surprise that I can’t go over and have tea and cookies with Gram after a long day of work at Applebee’s.  Papa passed away many years ago, but Gram went to be with Jesus in January.  Praise God, I was able to be with her those last few days.  To hold her hand.  Kiss her on the lips.  Tell her I love her. We looked through the family album that my cousin Laura made her probably a hundred times.  She loved that album and although she had Alzheimer’s she was still telling me the names of the my great grandparents and great aunts – even on her last day. 

May Gramma’s legacy is two things… her pies and her family.  She could make the perfect crust!  And God made the most beautiful family through her and Papa. Her life was devoted to her husband, children, grandchildren, sisters…she was happiest when surrounded by her family.  Holidays were at her house.  Sunday dinner was at her house.  Birthdays.  Mother’s day.  New Years Eve for Ben and I.  She alwasy wanted us to be with her and to be together.  Because she loved us.  I will always remember her love.

When I look at the picture above, I see my Dad in Papa.  Two men that I adore.  They are the hardest workers I have ever known.  They truly know how to take care of their family.  When I look at this picture of my Gram, I just smile!  I have her teeth and it makes me laugh.  I hope to have a little of her fun spirit too. One of my favorite things about my Gram is that we could sit for hours and talk about everything and nothing at all.  She was the best chit-chatter.  I miss that. 

But those last days with her, I looked around and saw my family.  My Aunts and Uncle and Dad, by her side — she was so happy to have them close to her.  God used them to bring her joy in her very last hours.  It was beautiful.  Sad, but a perfect ending.

Gram, thank you for loving me endlessly.  May you feel my love for you way up there in Heaven.  I like thinking of you laughing up there with Jesus.  You’re probably making him a cherry a pie about now…and enjoying your family.

I miss you, Gram. “I thank God everytime I remember you.”  Philippians 1:3

I love you.



7 thoughts on “I love you, Gram

  1. Wow, what a moving tribute to your grandparents–to your whole family. This is beautiful. I’m sorry for your loss– but I also celebrate the love you all shared and these precious memories.


  2. Melanie, you sure did make me smile this morning reading this beautiful and soothing tribute to your grandma. Brought back so many memories of the times I spent with her. When my mom passed on I really latched on to her. She looked so much like mom and her warmth and loving way always made me feel so much better.I miss her so much. The long talks on the phone, we would laugh and cry. She loved my husband Chuck and called him “my boyfriend”.I wish I could have spent more time with her before her failing health set in. Wish I lived closer. She sure did love her Fred. The progression of time is taking away my aunts and It makes me sad.Five still remaining (including Uncle Tom) and I hold on to them tightly. Your grandma and grandpa left a wonderful legacy behind, their family to continue with their love for one and other.They are not gone, only stepped into another room. Close beside you always. Love, Peggy

  3. Melanie,no wonder your Gram loved you so dearly …you have a way of bringing to life exactly how your Gram would have wanted to be remembered …I can relate to all you said, ; because she spoke so often about you & Ben just the way you worded it and the way she lived for her family ….. & yes how she made those pies especially for the ones she loved so much ..Thanks Mel .. she would have loved this tribute /love aunt Jackie /you take care Melanie …she worried so much about you …..

  4. Mel that was beautifully written and absolutely so true! Her laugh was contagious. If her and Pap pap could teach us anything it was how yo love, they both did it so very well.

    Working on reproducing the album & doing something special with the quote book.


  5. Yes that’s Mom/Gram as you call her. She made each one of us feel like we were so special. She and I had babies together . Your Dad was born 4 days after Kevin. All of that seems not so long ago. She loved having family around her at her house. She gave advise to all of us even her sisters . She was a strong woman. When she had cancer her main goal was to get home to Dad/ Papa to care for him. She did just that. She beat the cancer and cared for him till his dying day.
    I still have not deleted her number from my cell phone. I still have that urge to
    call and talk to her.
    I won’t be surprised if she comes to visit.

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