Four months !

Our sweet Abyala is now four months old.  Phil and I fell in love with her the moment we heard her heart beat and our love for her grows with each passing day.  Amidst all the craziness of being new parents, it’s sincerely been four months of falling very deeply in love.  It’s a great feeling!  She’s amazing.  God is so good.

4 months

Abyala has now officially lived half of her life in Nepal – a country which seems to intrigue her by the way she smiles at her Nepali Didi and looks in every direction inquisitively when we walk around town.  She doesn’t seem to mind the crazy traffic, screeching horns, perilous street dogs, or muddy “sidewalks”.  She just goes to sleep when it annoys her (I wish I could do that.) She is happiest at home where play, sleep, and her loved ones abound.  She weighs just over 13 lbs and is nearly 25 inches long.  She’s tall and petite, a cute culmination of her Dad and Mom.  Her greatest love in life is eating, but close seconds are playing in front of mirrors, listening to the song Jesus Loves Me, reaching for anything overhead, and putting all things that fit in her hand, in her mouth — especially her fingers.  She loves chatting with her grandparents on Skype — she’s even started smiling at their affectionate remarks, songs and funny expressions!  She’s already rolling over from her elbows to her back.  She talks up a storm, but no consonants yet.  She stands proudly, with the help of Daddy and Mommy for balance.  And she has just learned how to sleep 8 hours in a row … way to go, Abyala!

Oh Abyala, your Dad and Mom love you so much – exactly as you are.  You are our beloved.  We are praying for you sweet one — that you would know Jesus and that you will fall deeply in love with Him.  Thank you for loving us and bringing us to so much joy!


2 thoughts on “Four months !

    • If you had any idea how special it is to hear from you, even when times are tough and there
      are leaches and mud, well….I can’t describe it. I’m glad the parents can Skype with you and
      I try not to be jealous but just to revel in the pictures we get. (Don’t think we don’t understand
      because our 10 plus years in “the bush” in Central Africa helps us relate!) Faithful prayers for
      you going up and made specific by your communication. Consider yourselves hugged…Marti

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