five months

Abyala 5 months

Our sweet girl at 5 months old

We continue to fall in love.  Phil and I are firmly established as crazy about this sweet girl.  She brings endless joy into our lives just by being herself.  Her darling, complex, beautiful little self.  This month she started giving us the most wonderful open mouth, slobbery kisses on our cheeks by pulling our faces to hers with those tiny little hands.  If we weren’t already wrapped around this little girl’s finger, after those kisses we were!  Other milestones…

  • She gets totally excited to see Daddy come home from work !!
  • She reaches for us with both arms – asking us to pick her up.
  • Her two bottom teeth came in and she was an absolute champ about it.
  • She’s now able to hold her toys with either one or two hands.  She picks stuff up on her own.  Throws it.  Picks it.  Throws it.  And in between puts it in her mouth and bangs it, of course.
  • She loves to drink water out of mommy’s cup.  I suspect just to feel like a big girl.
  • She can sit up with little support and play on her own.
  • But she also fell and bumped her head for the first time.  There was a lot of sadness in our house after that.  Perhaps more from Mommy than Abyala…

Abyala, sweet girl – Daddy and Mommy want you to know that we love every little bit of you.  Every single day.  Easy or hard.  Long or short. The more we get to know you.  The more we love you.  Thank you for bringing so much joy and an overabundance of love into our lives.  We pray that you may you know the greatest love of all – all the days of your life – the love of Jesus Christ.  We are so grateful for you, Abyala.  Thank you for your slobbery kisses – thank you for loving us!


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