7 months (come and gone)

7 months !

7 months !

Our sweet girl is somehow seven months old already?!  She celebrated in style again.  This time we whisked her away to Pokhara where she went on her first bus ride and trek with Daddy and Mommy.  Some highlights from this month include:

  • pulling herself up to stand all by herself
  • happily spending time with Didi Camela
  • finally eating solid food though only moondal and wheat apple cereal – not any form of real veg
  • up on her hands and knees ready to crawl, but would rather try to stand
  • loving her walker, using it to explore the whole house and open up all the cupboards and drawers

Oh she’s so much fun these days.  And a little mischievous.  She bites and smiles when we discipline her.  (Lord, help us!)  Those dimples and two little teeth are hard be stern towards.  But we’re learning quickly.

Abyala, our darling daughter, we love you endlessly!!  You continue to make us laugh and smile every single day.  Mommy and Daddy will never stop praying for your sweet heart to know and love Jesus.  Thank you for loving us and bringing so much fun and joy into our family!!


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