eight months of love and fun !


Our sweet Abyala is eight months old today.  And we are more in love with her than ever before.  She is becoming a crazy fun girl.  This month, she seemed to change a LOT or at least hit a lot of milestones…

  • She loves her Daddy time more and more!
  • She’s standing up without any support
  • She’s walking around our big cushion of a coffee table without our help
  • She started crawling today, or something of the like
  • She’s babbling up a storm and now says mum
  • She got her upper two front teeth
  • She’s eating a variety of foods, occasionally, a couple times, well at least a few bites
  • And she’s almost sleeping through the night, only one night time feeding

We think she’s awesome.  And I’m not sure we’ve ever had more fun.  We took her on another hike this month with her friend Maia and our friends Dinika and Klass.  Our babies did great.  We loved getting her out of the city and into the woods…




Sweet Abyala, Daddy and Mommy love you — exactly as you are.  Your smile and laugh are intoxicating and contagious.  You’ve brought unmeasurable joy into our lives.  Thank you so much for loving us and blessing us with your smile every single day.  We love you, every day.  Ever more.


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