Please pray for Nepal — elections approaching

Elections approaching

The Nepali flag with the Ewerts — Please pray for Nepal

Nepal is quickly approaching their election day which is scheduled for next Tuesday.  However, unlike in the States, there is no guarantee that the elections will actually happen.  A few political parties (of more than 20 official political parties in Nepal) are trying to prevent the elections from occurring by holding strikes and threatening the safety of voters.  One political party tried to coordinate a nation-wide transportation strike that would prevent Nepalis from traveling to their district where they need to vote.  Fortunately, this strike is not holding.  The current situation is stable, but uncertain.  We are perfectly safe, but our Nepali friends are not as secure if they want to vote.  They are fearing that the next few days may hold more strikes or riots.  They want to vote, but are not sure that the roads will be safe for travel.  Prayers are needed.

Please pray for a peaceful election process in Nepal as election day approaches. Pray for protection against strikes or riots.  Pray that Nepalis would have the courage to vote.  Pray that God would influence the election and insert the leadership that he desires for this nation. Pray that a constitution would be written (after the election) that promotes the principles of freedom and justice for all. Pray that Jesus would reign over this nation.

Thank you so much for praying!


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