The day after


Today is the day after the elections and everything seems normal.  Yesterday went quite well .  Here’s an article with details of election day and projections of what’s to come:

Yesterday, we laid low and just had a family day at home.  But the day after, we’re already resuming life as normal.  Phil walked to work this morning.  Abyala and I are playing on the rooftop.  In a couple hours, we’ll take a taxi to Beauty for Ashes where we’ll pray with some Nepali women who are survivors of modern day slavery.  As I write this, Abyala chews on a Nepali wooden broom that’s about ten inches long and our Didi is vacuuming the pumpkin bread crumbs off our floor while we still have electricity.

Thank you for praying for Nepal during the election process.  Please keep praying as they collect and tally the votes from the highest mountains in the world.  Pray that God would put into power the leadership that He desires for Nepal and that when the announcement is made, the country remains peaceful and stable.



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