Too much to love

We’ve been in the States for nearly seven weeks now. Celebrating the holidays and being loved on by our amazing friends and family. Abyala has turned ten months old and is well on her way to eleven. When she came she was taking her first steps, now she’s running down the hallway, arms stretched out wide, smiling as she comes to give me the cutest hug I may have ever received! We’ve taken her sled riding, she’s caught snow flakes on her tongue, and I learned that our sweet girl loves to watch the snow fall from gramma’s living room window. We’ve visited aunts, uncles, cousins…she’s experienced the crazy love of family gatherings, being squeezed and pinched and played with until there’s nothing more she can do but pass out on the car ride home. Oh happy days. There’s been so much to love about being here, with our families. Too much. Thank you to everyone who has opened up your home, blessed us with your time, and simply sat with us to chat and show us you care. We still have one more wonderful week left…I’ll be savoring the hot showers, indoor heating, fresh salads, and especially watching our sweet girl enjoy her her gramma and papa, uncle Benjamin, Aunty Courtney, and cousin Graham. Then we’ll be flying away, “on a jet plane”, to be reunited with our love, with Daddy again. So grateful for it all. Eurcharisto!


4 thoughts on “Too much to love

  1. Oooh, it was so good to have you here if only for a little while. Now our love is renewed, our prayers will increase and we will eagerly watch for the posting from the outpost!
    Much love, Marti

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