Together again

Christmas in W. Virginia 2013

Christmas in W. Virginia 2013

We’re finally together again.  Phil, Abyala and I.  And it feels fantastic.

Our time in the States was perfectly full of love.  Love from and opportunities to love on our friends and family.  We especially cherished watching Abyala play with grammas, papas, cousins, aunties, uncles, and other special loved ones.  She was so happy!  So were we.

It was awesome having 24 hour electricity.  Hot showers anytime of day.  No concern for water.  Playing with puppy dogs instead of stoning them.  Peaceful nights.  Playful snow days.  Indoor and central heating.  A gym membership (what?!)

But those were all just the icing on the cake.  The incredible part was living life with our families again.  Seeing them in their element.  They inspired us in countless ways.  Such as the ways they were deliberate to be caring for their neighbors.  They were actively sharing Christ with their friends through parties, dinners, and phone calls just to check in and make sure everyone was okay.  Their church communities were Alive.  Vibrant.  Passionate about being salt and light.  They helped us to come back to Nepal not only emotionally refreshed, but bubbling over in a renewed desired to also be salt and light in our community here.

Phil returned to Nepal six (long, cold) weeks before Abyala and I.  While we were gone, he ventured into the village to learn more about the context where his team is working and to provide some encouragement to them.  Below are some photos he took to give you another glimpse into life in Nepal.  (They couldn’t be further from the photo above, eh.) These photos tell me that beauty is surrounding a life full of challenges.  It’s somehow true every where we go.  Because Christ is everywhere.  In the Himalayan mountains.  In snowy West Virginia.  In the misty green Northwest.  Christ is there – in all His glory.  He is here with us.  So we’re able to be here, together, even on the hard days – in peace.  By the grace of God.

Thanks again to everyone for spending time with us!  We’re missing you…sending our love from Nepal…



IMG_0030 IMG_0032


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