The other view

ImageWe’ve posted our stunning views of the Himalayans in the past.  They take our breath away.  But there’s also another side of the coin that is Kathmandu-life.  A piece of it can be captured by these photos from our other balcony at our house.  As I sit outside the kitchen eating my lunch, this is my view.  You’ll notice the foothills of the Himalayans out there amidst a plethora of trash, random grazing cows, dangling power lines, unfinished buildings and a stray dog in sight.  In the air, you’ll smell the lingering incense from our neighbor’s homes who are making offerings to their Gods.  You’ll also breath in the aroma of burning garbage at least twice a day – the remnants which you can view.


Then there are our gas tanks that fuel all my cooking. These are gold! And are locked to the balcony – kept safe from any gold diggers. In the distance you’ll see the water tanks on everyone’s rooftops.  Some solar panels for hot water.  A nice big green tree and some more precarious power lines.  Laundry hanging from rooftops to dry since even the wealthiest don’t own a dryer here.  A little slice of daily life.


This is a view of my neighbor’s house decorated with a shade of pink and some family idols.  They’re a nice family.  I don’t know them well, but they love to chat with Abyala when we’re out together.

ImageAnd then of course I save the best for last…our sweet girl, sitting in the sunshine that comes in from the doors that lead out to our balcony.   Enjoying her very own wash basin aka toddler seat.  Keeping her warm and playfully content!


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