Roses remain remarkably stunning


I reluctantly peeled myself away from the layers of covers that warmly nestled us throughout the night.  Put on my down jacket, fleece slippers, and wooly gloves.  Walked into the kitchen to put on a large kettle of water for Phil’s shower and a small kettle for my cup of tea.  The windows steamed.  Making me happy to know that I would soon be heating my hands on a clay mug as I sip some earl grey.  As I feel the chill on the tip of my nose, I look to my dining room table and smile.  The roses my wonderful husband gifted me four days ago are still perfectly half open, inviting me to smell them.  They remain remarkably stunning because of the cool air that lingers in our home throughout the day.  Grateful for it all.  As Phil says, it’s these type of days that we feel like we’re really living.  


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