Oldie but a goodie


Taken in Nov 2013 from our rooftop in Kathmandu

It’s been a while since I’ve written an update on Abyala.  Before she turns one, I want to document a bit of what’s happened in her last three months.  By the time she was 7 months, she was able to stand herself up all on her own.  By 8 months, she took her first steps, and by 9 months she was walking full speed ahead.  Also by 9 months she was waving, clapping, singing in church, and refusing any food except her beloved apple cherry cerelac.  She spent her first Christmas day (at 9 months old) with her Ewert grandparents in Lynden, Washington, USA.  She loved opening the first couple gifts.  Eating the paper.  And by gift three, she could care less.  She just wanted to continue playing with her first toy or mostly its respective box.  A few days later, she celebrated another exciting Christmas with her Scherf grandparents in Wheeling, West Virginia.  She was even a bit more jazzed about opening gifts.  This time she wanted to open everyone’s.  And eat their paper.


Christmas day 2013

 Abyala enjoyed her first snow and very exciting sled riding experiences.  She cut her seventh tooth.  She started putting things back together that she takes apart.  She loves toting around purses and became a very big Seattle Seahawks fan.  She allowed Gramma and Papa Scherf to put her to sleep.  And she endured her first daycare experience (an hour at the gym), but refused to enjoy it.  By eleven months, she’s running around the house.  Playing in her wash basin.  And sleeping 9 hours in a row!  She’s a picky eater, but we’re getting some bananas, carrots, and oatmeal in her belly.  She loves other kids and has started to learn how to play with them.  These past three months have been amazing!  We love everyday with our sweet girl.  More updates and photos to follow…


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