Snowy memories


Daddy holding Abyala as she enjoys her first snow


I love that you can see the snowflakes falling in this picture.  We were in Lynden, Washington the month of December 2013.  It started snowing and didn’t stop for a couple days.  We bundled up our sweet girl and ran outside so she could enjoy her first snow!  Complete with Albanian knit booties covered in plastic bags to keep her cozy.   Her Daddy holding her tightly.  Grandma, Grandpa, and Mommy cheering her on.  We don’t want to forget days like this.  When we smiled and laughed until our cheeks hurt.  Such joy!  God is good to give us such sweet memories…


seriously enjoying her time with mr snowman

Then, we spent January in Wheeling, West Virginia.  And it snowed some more.  A lot more!  Abyala started to actually notice and enjoy the snow in WV.  She would stand at my parents’ window and flap her arms with excitement as she watched the snow fall.  We took her out again because it made her so happy.

abyala snow

loving the snow in West Virginia

I remember my Dad remarking how incredibly white the snow was. It was stunningly beautiful!  We started reflecting on the scripture in Isaiah 1:18 that says “though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.”  It’s unbelievable that we could ever be as pure as this snow appeared to us.  But because Jesus died for us, we truly are made new.  He purifies us.  Only Jesus can cleanse us and make us as beautiful as the snow were admiring that day.

abyala snow papa

Admiring her Papa

Speaking of admiring…Abyala would stand in front of this window every snowy day and watch her Papa go out and plow using his ATV.  She loved watching him and would anxiously await him coming back to play with her again.  Such sweet memories.  So grateful!  God is good.


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