Abyala’s ONE !

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One year ago today, we became parents to our sweet Abyala.  My first words to you Abyala were, “you are so beautiful.”  And one year later, I believe it more than ever.  Daddy couldn’t stop smiling.  He was absolutely glowing!  He still is.  He loves you endlessly.  We were and are in awe.  A terrified, joy-filled amazement overwhelms us – even one year later.

Yesterday we had a party to celebrate our sweet girl.  She was surrounded by LOVE.  Love from family on computers and from friends on our rooftop.  We missed our families dearly, but Grammas and Papas called and sang and made Abyala smile.  A few great friends came over to play with our sweet one and watch her eat up that number ONE cupcake.  We laughed, ate strawberries, and enjoyed a sunny day in Kathmandu.  What a blessing it was to have Abyala surrounded by such wonderful love from all around world !  God gives the most beautiful gifts.

Abyala, we love you.  All of you.  Every single day.  Thanks for an incredible year, our darling!


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